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Do you see that bright blue eyed beauty back there?
With a brilliant smile that that tells you she cares?
She's strong and she's smart and you know that she knows

Now, it might surprise you (Oh, I know that it will)
That six months from now you'll run up a hill
With two glowing smiles you'll sit in her sun
While holding her hand and swear she's the one

No, you don't deserve it, you've been through enough
To know that when there is wanting, the going gets tough
But gather your doubts and just let them go

Because her laugh is a balm for the wounds in your chest
Her sweet voice will promise it is you she loves best
So showered with roses where you were unclean
You'll have to find comfort in having love seen

You know they betrayed you and left you alone
And still you insist that it's you who atone
And never again let your caring side show

Well, all that will change when you here her soft plea
"I must have misheard, but, do you love me?"
Oh mysterious beauty in her shower of curls
In whose warm embrace love's rosebud unfurls

The words fall like notes in time's melody
I know that you doubted that such things could please
But her rose petal cheeks prove that these words are strong

Oh nymph of the staircase with most secret tears
Who whispers to sunset her deepest of fears
Who thinks that you're right and will say when you're wrong

So, go. Run along. Play aloof if you must
But when it come down you must give her your trust
And don't be afraid to just go along

With a slip of your tongue
Her heart will be won
And you'll find that you truly belong
Just a little advise from me to... eh... one and a half years(ish?) ago me. (Who was a bit dense.)

Again, a sort of reply to this [link] ... though I think I got a bit more into chewing younger!me out. ^^'''
Rosea-the-wicked Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007
:hug:.........aww :hug: Love you :hug:

Be nice to yourself!
tulapeiwa Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007
Love you too. :cuddle:

Bu-but I'm so... soo... *pokes younger self with stick* Hee! (Younger self: Oi! What's your problem?!) It's just so fun! ^w^
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October 31, 2007
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